18 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

I recently bought a used sewing machine and I’m super excited about trying it out. I was originally researching some easy sewing projects for myself but when I saw how many were out there I wanted to do a round-up and share some of these simple sewing tutorials I found. I was surprised about how much was out there. I found everything from pillows, tote bags, stuffed animals and dolls, and even a really cute tooth fairy pillow. I am sure there are some ladies out there, like myself, that would appreciate some easy sewing projects. Get those sewing machines out, girls.. we can do this! A big thank you to everyone who shared all of these gorgeous sewing tutorials. These are for personal use only, please. Let’s get going!

Pillow Cases

I found this tutorial for a regular pillowcase at Made. Look at the bright, beautiful pillowcases made with this pattern. A pillow case is super simple and shouldn’t be too hard for a beginner. I think it would be fun to go and pick out fabrics for these pretty pillows.

A Nice Scarf

At The Cottage Home there is a very nice photo illustrated tutorial on how to make this beautiful scarf. It is detailed and very easy to understand. You can’t have too many scarves. I would love to make many of these.

Easy Drawstring Bag

Go to BurdaStyle and click on the instructions tab to see the tutorial on how to make these cute and easy to sew drawstring bags. Just think of all of the fun prints you can find at the fabric store. I’m excited to give this one a try for sure.

Reversible Headband

Look at these cute reversible headbands I found at The Long Thread along with the free tutorial. These are super cute! They look easy enough to do.. might take some trial and error but I think we can do this one, girls.

Lavender Sachets/Small Pillows

There are no words to measure the amount of cuteness at this website! Go to Bugs and Fishes to learn how to sew these lavender sachets. I absolutely love these. They are so adorable. A thought crossed my mind that wouldn’t these be cute somehow made into a tooth fairy pillow or even just small stuffed pillows. This tutorial is nicely illustrated along with great photos. Be sure to check out some of the other stuff at the site.. it’s amazing!

Simple Card Wallet

Learn how to make one of these simple card wallets at Trillium and Design. This a super easy project complete with illustrative photos. Wouldn’t it be cute to make one of these and then add those flat back gemstones to embellish it?

A Bapron

Introducing the Bapron! (baby apron) from Sew Whats New! Isn’t it cute? I love this.. it’s super easy to sew and it would really make a nice gift for a new mother or it would make a nice project for all of you proud Grandma’s out there. Under the photo, you will see a link where you can download the PDF pattern and then another link for the tutorial.

Cute Monster

Gotta love this cute stuffed monster from RevoluzZzion. This cutie is very easy to make. The tutorial has tons of photos and it’s very easy to understand. I love the colors on this one. The blue patterns with red heart,eyes and mouth looks really cute all together.

Abraham Owl

Owls are so popular these days. I found these cute stuffed owls at LollyChops complete with a easy to print, downloadable PDF file that contains the patterns. If you are an owl lover or know someone who is, Abraham Owl would be a nice addition to someones owl collection.

Ruffled T-Shirt Pillow

I love this pillow I found at Floralshowers. Can you believe it’s actually made from a T-Shirt? Not kidding! I could hardly believe it myself. This is another easy to follow tutorial complete with great photos. Got any old T-Shirts lying around?

Babushka Plushie

I love this cute little Russian doll, more appropriately called a Matryoshkas. I love the small bead details on it. Go to Cut Out and Keep to see the tutorial on how to make this little cutie. Talk about easy! Sewing the beads on would probably take a little patience but it would be well worth it.

Mini Duffle Bag

At Innovative Sewing I found this tutorial how to make this small duffel bag. I wasn’t sure if it was ideal for beginners or not but it does say it’s easy to make. Isn’t it cute? I think this one would look nice embellished with those flat back crystals as well. I’ve got an obsession with flat back crystals lately.

Easy Breezy Apron

This is probably the easiest tutorial out there. It’s a very simple apron and I think it’s darling! My Half of the Brain via Craftster has the tutorial. It’s just bias tape and a bandana. Actually it just says pin the bias tape to the bandana and sew- and wallah! You have an apron.

Easy Tote Bag

I love these super cute book bags found at Needle and Spatula. Think about all the colors and prints you can choose to make these. These are super easy to make. This one may be my very first sewing project on my new machine.

Embellished Tea Towel

Aww.. love these embellished tea towels at Fave Crafts. This one is obviously a very easy one to sew. I love the little yo-yo embellishment too.

Easy Fringe Fleece Scarf

Look at this nice fringe fleece scarf I found at Make and Takes. I bet you could whip up a few of these in no time. This one looks like maybe it’s made in school colors.

Tooth Fairy Pillow

I couldn’t leave off a easy to sew tooth fairy pillow. This one I found at Gen X Quilters. My son is 3 almost 4 so it won’t be long until he is losing teeth. I’m so glad I found this. Of course, you can personalize it to be for a girl or a boy.. you can add your own cute little embellishments too.

Cell Phone/IPod Cover

Two words: SUPER CUTE! Look at these cell phone/IPod covers I found at SarasTextureCrafts complete with tutorial. These are made from socks.. talk about easy!

Thank you for visiting my hub! I hope you will find these sewing projects useful for you. Please feel free to leave a comment… I love reading all of your comments 🙂

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