12 numaralı adam Belçika’da

Erkan Kolçak Köstendil (nam-ı diğer Vartolu) 'in yazıp oynadığı, tek kişilik özel gösterisi "12 numaralı adam" ile 19 Ocak cumartesi Brüksel'de. "12 numaralı adam" 19 Ocak cumartesi saat 20:00'da, "Theatre 140" Avenue Plasky 140 - 1030 Schaerbeek sahnesinde gösterimde olacak. Biletinizi almakta gecikmeyin Brüksel satış noktası: NAR SİSHA & NARGİLE Limbourg satış noktası: KRİSTAL BUFE & VİDEO Bilgi ve Bilet almak için Cef Işın ile irtibata geçebilirsiniz. Aynı zaman'da 0488 19 66 85 / 0488 87 44 53 no'lu numaraları arayabilirsiniz. Bilet üçretleri: VIP 50,00 €, Normal 30,00 €   Esra Yücelbaş

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Everything you wanted to know about GIFTS but were afraid to ask!

Usually,  people waiting for a reason, event or occasion to show how they care  and love friends, family and even themselves. And especially at that  time choosing the right present can be really challenging and difficult  and more surprisingly it can be hard for a partner or a family member.  In this article, we will concentrate on all aspects related to gifts. Best advice to find the right gift will be: Analyze, think and ask questions regarding the subject of the present. Actually,  you can start from finding answers to some important questions. What is  the occasion? Ask questions to relatives and try to find out what the  person may want or need. When you will have some answers need to start  working on a list. It is important to understand that your gift can  impress both in positi...

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